Shopping and Festivals

It never really occurred to my when I first moved to London that I was so into shopping, probably because I had no money so I avoided the shops and any form of window shopping (let's face it, it's just plain old depressing if you see something you like or even love and you can't treat yourself (although to love an inanimate object seems like a slight exaggeration) .

So today with the End of the Road festival around the corner I need a few camping essentials and am looking for a little treat for myself.  Practical shopping and essentials just doesn't count as shopping in my eyes.


As you know I love a crisp white shirt especially one with a slight twist on the classic silhouette, Hoss are clearly one of my favourites. So cheeky as my eyes and ears for when I'm being a little excessive what do you think of this little number?  I'll let you know if I find anything else.

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