What's in a Nursery Rhyme

To promote our give away we encouraged people to name their favourite nursery rhymes.  But what's in a nursery rhyme.

History shows that Nursery rhymes were used to portray relationship to an event, such as 'Ring a Ring of Roses describes the symptoms and belief of the bubonic plague (the Great Plague of London in 1966). The first line  
'Ring a ring of roses' 
Refers to  a red rash in the shape of a ring on the skin, a physical symptom of the plague
'A pocket full of roses'
Refers to sweet smelling herb pouches carried around in the belief that the strong sweet smell would hold off the strong smell of the infected air, and protect the user from catching the plague,  
'Atishoo atishoo'
The violent bought of sneezing or coughing, followed by death,
'We all fall down' 

Nowadays nursery rhymes remain an integral part of most people’s childhood although the meaning has been obscured through the ages, and is now seen in a more positive light, and the government are currently using nursery rhymes to help pre-school children with literacy and writing, you can read more about this here.   For me nursery rhymes will always be enchanting and fun and an enjoyable way of interacting  with young children.


What’s your take on nursery rhymes and do you have a favourite, we would love to hear about it.  Below we have listed a few of our competition entrants’ favourite nursery rhymes and the reasons for their choice. Enjoy

Baa Baa Black Sheep 
'because I was the black sheep in the family'
Billy Buntin'
'cause who doesn't know a child likely too go to bed with one shoe on!
Humpty Dumpty 
'my little boy giggles when he falls off the wall'
'as it was my first book'
'because he never stood a chance poor chap!'
'because I love scrambled eggs!(how gruesome!)'
'because my daughter laughs her head off when we sing the nursery rhyme'
I have two, Jack and Jill
'My little girl has been fascinated by this rhyme and sings it all the time at the moment. She also ask questions about it all the time and states that Jack is a boy and Jill is a girl. Helping her differentiate between boys and girl'
Jack Sprat
'could eat no fat and wife could eat no lean, that is me and my hubby to a t - thank you
Little Bo Peep
'I just think she is cute and reminds me of my childhood'
'cheery, reassuring outcome to rhyme. Sheep happily make their return to Bo Peep'
Little Jack Horner
'I loved the rhyme when I was young and its still a favourite with my kids'
Old Mother Hubbard
'as she goes through so much during the whole rhyme'
The Dingle Dangle scarecrow 
'because he can shake his arms like this and shake his  feet like that'
The Pussycat that went to go and visit the Queen 
'I've always loved cats, and the nursery rhyme was short enough that I could easily remember it as a child
The Star in Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
'I always picture it surrounded by bigger stars, but it's the brightest!'
Today it's the Grand Old Duke of York
'because my daughter sung that all the way to school this  morning as we have to march up a hill to get there'

My favourite is 'The owl and the Pussycat' because I wanted to be like them, I lived by the sea as a child and always wanted to travel.

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  1. I am so interested in this post! I have a 9 week old baby and am returning to my youth by singing her nursery rhymes to help soothe her. I'd never thought about nursery rhymes and where they had come from! I'm just trying to remember all the words to them!