De Laatste Kruimel and Working in Amsterdam

Two weeks in Amsterdam living in an appartment just by the nine streets has been delightful, a lovely 10 minute walk over the canals to work and it's been rather sunny.
I do enjoy consulting in amsterdam the city is so small it's really easy to get around and although I find it really easy to get lost because the city is reasonably small it never takes me too long to find my way, plus I think I have seen more of the city by loosing my way.

My favourite this time around has been De Laatste Kruimel, if you visit I advise you stop here for lunch, it is trully amazing, be warned it get's busy, so if you see a free crate grab it fast before one of the locals beats you to it. the quich combinations are amazing and the sandwiches are fresh and really tasty, but most importantly the deserts are scrumptious, and everything is fresh I LOVE THE KRUM.


  1. What a lovely *and* SWEET adventure! And you're right, getting "lost" can yield some wonderful benefits. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks rose, had a wonderful time, back in recognisable old London now perhaps I can stumble across another jem on my next visit :)