Creative Connection Team

Creative Connection is a free online social network group, run by a team of friendly volunteer who are passionate about their craft, and committed to supporting like minded crafters to show off their creative works, sharing their experience, tips and having fun in the process. Here is a short brief about the dedicated team leaders who manage Creative Connection 
Anna, better know as The Crystal Lady is the creator of  Creative Connection network, and in her words a manic wife and mother of two, she creates unique pieces of jewellery.  
Avril of Sprinkles Sparkles or Spinks, designs and make handmade jewellery and accessories 
Kerry of Scrapbookerry - A mother, a craft writer with a beagle, two rabbits and an African Snail. Kerry makes mini albums, journal jars, and wedding stationery  
Jill of Personal Space Interiors creates retro style cushions, gifts, greeting card and accessories
Sally of the Bead Bounty a lampwork bead artist who handcraft beads and sell to people who make their own unique jewellery 
Tania of Cola Creations is a self confessed crafting addict and loves trying new crafts   
Scent is a joint venture by Garath and Carla, they specialise in fruit, novelty, luxury and  gift soaps. Garath comes up with the ideas and Carla makes it happen
 Jane of Loopy's Place is a mother of two who enjoys trying new techniques and makes a variety of handmade knitted, crocheted, or sewn items
Joy of Beaded Bazaar is a mum who love beading and crafting 

The team members have changed over the years, nonetheless I would like to  thank them for their commitment and endless hard work. If you are inspired by what you have seen here and would like to meet and make new crafting friends check out Creative Connection network here


  1. There is certainly a lot of talented people here. Going to take time to check them all out.

    1. There sure are, hope you enjoyed looking through their profile

  2. Another great Blog - thanks for the mention!

    1. Thank you, it's a pleasure, I get to look through all your goodies

  3. It's always interesting to find out about networking with other likeminded crafters! Thanks for sharing Rose.