CsevenM and Downing Street

The Small Business Saturday bus has been touring the UK to promote Small Business Saturday. Charline will join the Bus in Brixton at Windrush Square, SW2 1BX, between 11-1pm tomorrow Friday 6th December. Before it makes it's final stop to have tea at Downing Street, a fitting end to celebrate the UK's first Small Business Saturday and the success of our GREAT British small businesses. Small Business Saturday is a great opportunity for small businesses to get involved you can do this by going to the Small Business Saturday UK site and downloading the free pack of resources.  Charline the designer of Csevenm will be flying the flag for Small Businesses at Downing Street on the eve of Small Business Saturday. Charline was invited to Downing Street after being one of 100 small business featured on Small Business Saturday Facebook.

A little update from Charline 07-12-2013.
I was honoured to get an invitation to the reception with all the other 100 small business members. My day started in Brixton where I joined the Small business tour bus, where Shadow Business Secretary Chukka Umunna was present to support small business' and to promote smalll business'. After an obligatory photo we then travelled on to the reception at 11 Downing street, where I met with many of the independent businesses over tea and sandwiches. It was terrific to see so many independent local businesses getting involved and so many consumers rediscovering the British high street.  It was really exciting to be part of the day – and I got to meet George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer. The reception at 11 Downing Street was a very friendly affair with Matthew Hancock MP Minister for Skills and Enterprise and Sajid Jarvid, Financial Secretary to the Treasury both speaking of their personal experiences of family small businesses.  After an hour of enthusiastic networking it was home for a tall drink and to put my feet up.

Me & George