Comfort and Convenience

With all of the time being spent in London, I thought a few home comforts would be in order so I went shopping for some new candels and a few tealights.  I brought my old empty chloe body creme jars to use as tea light holders.  I think candels make a place feel more homely on summer evenings and I always like to have a few flowers knocking around the room (real or fake, although I prefer real) esspecially if they have pretty flower smells,  I now have my little milk jug for flowers and a varried selection of candels perfume and sunglasses all ready for my summer in London.


  1. Chloe used to be my favorite fragrance. I forgot how much I liked their packaging...wish I had kept the containers.

  2. I agree about having fresh flowers in my home! A touch of life!