Designing - The toile

Moving on from The design post it is essential to remember that an exclusive commission is very different to high street clothing, store bought garments are geared to commercial functionality, price and seasonal deadlines, however when designing an exclusive commission you can define the parameters of time, budget and extravagance.

The Toile: At the final design meeting the details of the project are discussed and all measurements are taken to develop the pattern. Once the final design is confirmed I proceed to develop a block. The block is the pattern and prototype toile which is used at the first fit meeting, this combines the measurements taken and the key elements of the final design to achieve the correct fit and balance.

CsevenM 2010 commission block fit notes
CsevenM 2010 commission design notes
CsevenM 2010 commission fit notes
 At the first fit meeting the block is tried on and any fit or style changes that need to be made are pinned into place or drawn directly on to the toile for my reference. My advice when fitting is to be very observant, the time spent developing your toile makes your final garment easier to construct. This information is transferred to the pattern in preparation for the final garment. The final toile is made using the new updated pattern and the 2nd fit meeting is booked, so that any tweaks can be made before proceeding to make the final garment.

Check back for 'Designing - 'The construction', the next stage of the exclusive commission project.

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