Designing - The brief

I have been doing some commission work lately and there are always a lot of questions about the process and what is involved in a exclusive commission item, so I thought I would break it down into four blog posts.

The brief: An exclusive commission involves working directly with an individual, so I will invite the prospective client to discuss what they are looking for from their commissioned project. This helps me to build a picture of their style and decides the key elements of the brief, such as what excites and interests them, design ideas they might have, their body shape, the style and cut that will work to flatter their figure, deadlines, fabric choices and of course measurements.

For this project I am creating an outfit to wear to a family wedding in Stockholm. The key elements being:-
    • What is required   - An outfit for a summer wedding
    • Where it is used    - Outdoors (involving boat travel)
    • Why it is required - Special family occasion
    • When it is needed - June 2014
Specifics the client would like to incorporate within the project, which I need to consider during my development of the outfit are:-
    • Sophisticated maxi dress
    • Print fabric
    • Simple silhouette with a nice cut
I like to make an inspiration board on pinterest with key silhouettes and details, then I make a definitive mood board which defines my vision of the project to keep my on track during development.

Throughout the design development I combine all of the elements from my research to create a principal silhouette. I then sketch several design options, eliminating any details that do not incorporate the clients needs or shape, while keeping various fabric options in mind.

Check back for 'Designing - The toile', the next stage of this exclusive commission project.

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