stitch apprentice

Stitch Apprentice... Coming soon...
CsevenM stitch apprentice is an interactive project, were we guide you through some basic and advanced sewing projects along with a few additional craft and design tutorials, to develop and expand your sewing skills.


Wardrobe Collection... 
CsevenM wardrobe is an exclusive range of beautifully sculpted women’s fashion. Offering a subtle mix of modern prints and vibrant colours, designed to compliment the feminine silhouette. Our range includes casual tops and skirts, delicate nightwear and key day dresses that are both versatile and effortlessly stylish.

Little Collection...
Exclusive collection of beautiful nursery essentials, combining traditional patchwork with contemporary construction.  Tone on tone white cotton and bright colourful prints with appliqué' cut outs.  Delightful, stylish and modern palettes, a beautiful range of nursery coordinates in classic and contemporary design perfect for any nursery décor.

sewing and kits
Home Collection...
A collection of easy to assemble and sew kits.  Our Sewing Kits are supplied with everything you need to get you started and complete your chosen project, including instructions, pre cut fabric and trimmings.  No fuss decorations and a selection of sewing materials to inspire your own home projects.

CsevenM makes a limited number of each item, which enables us to maintain exclusivity, be aware that colour and print may vary on all computer screens. If you have any specific requirements please contact to discuss.

The new and improved website with online shopping is open here.

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